Monday, August 3, 2015

Assess Me! This or That Linky

So, I'm linking up with The Tattooed Teacher's amazing blog for this week's Linky, to help introduce myself on this super-new blog!

1) I love the comfort of jeans, but I'm trying to get more into the school-girl skirt look for when I'm teaching. Now, if compression pants were an option, this would be my definite pick! :) 2) I love a good necklace! I used to be an earring girl, but I necklaces can fancy up even the most boring outfit for cheap! 3) Jay-Z's version. Hands down. Reminds me of high school haha 4) I said it all above :-P
5) I live close to a big city, but find the best moments are always out in the middle of nowhere, getting active in nature. Can't beat it! 5) I WISH I could online shop, but I have such a weird body shape, so I have to try on everything, even if it's a brand I'm familiar with 6) Showers are best in the morning, but after a good workout, a warm bath to relax is Uh-MAY-ZING!! 7) I usually take a while to open up to others, but once I do, ohhh the crazy story I can tell! 8) I say homebody, because I'm definitely not a socialite, constantly out in large groups. I am either at home, gym, classroom, or finding some random camping spot! 9) I rarely eat breakfast - bad I know - but dinner is usually my biggest meal of the day! 10) I'm a true Southern Girl and love me some sweet tea, and if I could I'd drink it all day errry day! 11) I am NOT an early riser at all. Never have been. I'm so lucky I don't have to be at my school until 8:30 am - first time I get to sleep in during the school year! 12) Undone all the way - Hair in a ponytail, sneakers and workout clothes is my default look 13)I could fall asleep listening to thunder and rain! 14)I'm a teacher - of course I chose flats! 15) An airplane means I'm getting to travel somewhere far away, usually somewhere new, which is always exciting! 16) OK I know these are TV shows, but I haven't seen either one. I don't watch much TV. 17) Any park makes me happy! Plus I get cold easily, so central air for me is usually torture!

Now it's your turn! Link up and let me know what you prefer, this...OR that?!

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  1. Home, gym, classroom is my daily rotation, too! I live in Florida, so I'm definitely not knocking central air, but I do love a good park as well. :)