About Me

Hey yall! I am a born and raised Southern girl, who LOVES being outdoors, getting my hands dirty in general being kind of a tomboy! When I'm not out in the country somewhere, I am either in the gym or teaching (or thinking about teaching!) I currently teach a Special Education self-contained class of students grades 2-5 (yes, incredibly broad spectrum!). I've previously taught general education first and fourth grades, and also tutor students K-5th 
I am currently getting certified in ESL and middle school English. I really love teaching 'non-traditional' learners, and I'm really excited about the possibilty of moving up to the middle grades!
 Before I started teaching, I worked in nonprofit management. I even went back to school and got my Master's degree in this field. A month after I graduated, I realized my heart was not buried in paperwork, but working with kids. So, I switched careers to be a teacher and haven't looked back since! 

This blog is about my teaching experiences, but I also believe strongly in teachers developing a work-life balance, and taking care of themselves. You will find lots of fitness info on this blog, and I hope to support other teachers in their journey towards finding time to take care of themselves.

Disclaimers: I am NOT a certified fitness trainer, and all fitness tips are just from my personal experience. Never try any activity that makes you uncomfortable and for detailed fitness guidance, please consult your doctor and/or a certified trainer. All views expressed on this blog are my own. 

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